Young Orienteers Challenge

Calling all budding young adventurers to take up the

Young Orienteers Challenge.

yoc_logoDo you enjoy the outdoors?

Do you enjoy treasure hunts?

Then orienteering and this challenge are for you!


Participation Badges

Compete three events (alone, with your folks or with a friend) and you will get a certificate and an Buddy badge. Do ten events and you can choose a second Buddy badge of a different colour. If you manage to do fifteen events, you get a third gold Buddy badge. There is a new badge every year.

control-buddy-rgbMake sure you write your name clearly on your entry stub with the word “YOC” after it. The results will be the proof that you have completed your events. If you are doing the string course (ages 6 and younger) you need to write your name on your punch card and keep that as proof of completion of your course as no official computerized results are created.

Once you have collected the correct number of results/punch cards contact the organiser (details below) to arrange for you to collect your badge.

Skills Quest

Once you’ve done a few events, why not take up the YOC Skills Quest. The Skills Quest takes you on an adventure of learning how to do orienteering by yourself. It will help you to become a hot shot in getting around a course so you can move up to trickier courses. Soon you will be showing the folks a thing or two. Along the way you will do fun games and be able to earn even more badges to pin on your bright orange YOC cap. More information on Skills Quest…

Age appropriate and family fun

Young Orienteers range from about 3 years until about the age of 12, by which time they’re competent and confident orienteers. Children can start the six year Skills Quest programme from the ages of five or six (Grade 0).

Parents, orienteering presents an opportunity to instill a love of the outdoors in your kids and it puts healthy outdoor exercise back into your family while still maintaining your family commitments. More information for parents…

Come on, get punching!


Michele Botha,, 082 456 5937

The YOC Participation Badge Challenge is made possible thanks to sponsorship from the South African Orienteering Federation.

For reports on the impact of YOC on events since 2009 click here.