SAOF Vision


This is the vision of the SAOF, as announced at its strategy session in early 2008.

Orienteering in South Africa remains a fairly unknown sport, despite the efforts of the SAOF over the past 20 years or so.  We would like to grow Orienteering into a much more recognisable sport that is practiced throughout South Africa by ever greater numbers of people.   We recognise that without Development there can be no Growth and without Growth we will never unearth the talent that is sitting somewhere in South Africa waiting to win a Gold Medal at the Orienteering World Championships.
By Development we mean two things.  Firstly that structures and policies need to be put in place in anticipation of growth.  And secondly that we need to generate material that can be used to teach people how to grow Orienteering in new areas.  Of course in the South African context Development has a third meaning, specifically that we wish to ensure that participation in Orienteering at all levels reflects the demographics of our country.

Access to funding is of primary importance if SAOF is to stand a chance to realise its vision.  Particular elements that are crucial to securing significant funds are increased representation via active clubs in at least five provinces; demonstrable projects that effectively increase participation in the sport; projects to increase participation at all levels by all demographic groups in South Africa and a focus of coaching such that high-performance can be achieved.  These align very closely with our strategies to achieve the SAOF’s vision.