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Club events are usually held on Sunday mornings or Saturday evenings throughout the year – generally two to four events a month. There are courses that are suitable for all ages and abilities. The urban events range between 2 km and 5 km in distance. The distances seem short but the average time is over 30 minutes due the the navigation. The Urban Events are very easy running and are usually held in parks, schools and universities.

The Bush events are longer in distance and there are more courses from which to choose. Courses ranging from 1.5 km to 12 km at each event. Winning times are from 30 minutes but many of the competitors take over 2 hours to complete their courses. The courses at the Bush Series are colour coded to indicate technical and physical difficulty.

CourseDistanceTechnicalityPhysicalityAverage Win Time
White1.5 kmVery EasyVery Easy20 min
Orange2.5 kmEasyEasy30 min
Light Green3.5 kmMediumMedium40 min
Green5 kmHardChallenging50 min
Blue6.5 kmHardHard60 min
Brown8 kmHardVery Hard60 min

In addition we have SA National Championships (middle, long, sprint) and Provincial championships in Gauteng and the Western Cape. The Gauteng Championships are often held in forests in Mpumalanga or Limpopo.

Please refer to the 2024 Event Calendar.

Unsure what to expect at your first event? We show you the basics of orienteering in this short (5:50) video.

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