World Orienteering Day 2016


World Orienteering Day in South Africa

Wednesday 11May 2016

The 11th May 2016 was world orienteering day and South Africa contributed with 1124 participants taking part in an orienteering activity at one of 14 venues around the country.  Well done to all the organisers and all the participants who contributed to a new world record!  The first-ever, world orienteering day saw 252 927 people from 81 countries and territories take part in an orienteering activity at one of 2013 locations around the world.

This surpassed the previous record from 2003 when 207,979 young people at 1381 locations ran an orienteering course.


From South Africa to Hong Kong, from Greenland to New Caledonia, from Ecuador to Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of youngsters participated in World Orienteering Day. Following the idea “Think globally, act locally”, people took part in locally organised orienteering events, and together celebrated the biggest world-wide orienteering event ever.

World Orienteering Day is an International Orienteering Federation project that aims to increase the visibility and accessibility of orienteering to young people, to spread orienteering to new countries and places, and to help teachers to implement orienteering in schools in a fun and educational way.

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 In South Africa a number of club members took the day off work and took over the PE lessons at one of their local schools.  In other cases some teachers took the initiative and organised some fun orienteering activities amongst the keen learners.  Visit the SA Orienteering Facebook page to see find out about some of the activities around South Africa.

In Cape Town, Johannesburg and Parys there were some evening events open to all.  The most novel event was a Paddle O event organised by Lisa de Speville on the Vaal River at Parys.  The full list of venues and number of participants is included in the table below.


World Orienteering Day 2017

So now we have set ourselves a target.  The next World Orienteering Day is set for 24th May 2017.  So save the date and let us see if we can beat the one-day SA participation record.  Let us double the number of venues, participants and make sure we have an event in each of our nine provinces.

Need Help?

So you want to take part, but need some help.  Please contact Garry Morrison (general), Karen Chambers (Gauteng) and Sarah Pope (Cape Town) for more information.