Mapping Resources

On this page you will find various links to resources that are useful for beginner and experienced mappers.

Introductory Maps

Various guides exist to help in the mapping of relatively simple areas such as schools and simple parks that are suitable for introductory orienteering events.  A few examples can be found here:

OCAD Symbol Sets

Here you can download two OCAD 9 symbol sets developed for the British Orienteering Federation specifically for schools maps

Base Maps
Here are a few sources for base map (digital images, contours) information in South Africa:

  • Try your local municipality.  Many have GIS (Geographical Information Systems) departments.
  • The South African National Directorate: National Geo-spatial Information

Mapping Software

Most orienteering maps are drawn using OCAD, which is a commercial cartography software.
OCAD 6 is available for free download and use.

O-scape (free)
O-scape is a free extension that couples into a powerful open source vector graphics editor called Inkscape.  More details about O-scape can be found by clicking this link.

Collaborative Maps (free)
The drive to reduce the cost of producing orienteering maps is not unique to South Africa.  There are a number of  projects that piggyback on Open Street Map (OSM), which is a free editable map of the world.  There are two systems worth looking at:

There is a discussion thread on Attackpoint that discusses these tools.

Mapping Standards

On the main mapping page links can be found to the IOF standards for both classic and sprint orienteering.


Here is a really good website by Kell Sønnichsen who mapped the area used in the WOC2006 Sprint in Denmark. He shares his interpretation of the ISSOM sprint specification.

Map Design

And then when you’re all done, consider this document by Brian Mee (BoF), in which he discusses the design elements that make an aesthetically pleasing map.


  • The IOF Mapping Commission website
  • Mapping on the Orienteering Australia website


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