SAOF Strategy Session 2010


Invitation to SAOF management strategy meeting

SA ORIENTEERING IN 2030: What do we need to do now to get there?

Our Lotto application for 2010/2011 has been unsuccessful. This is due to several reasons, and these will be analysed at this strategy session, where we will also work towards our next application. We will be discussing necessary strategies to meet SASCOC SRSA and NLDTF requirements, as well as where we, as a Federation, see ourselves and where we aim to go. This is an opportunity for any SAOF member to become involved in the decision making process of the SAOF and to participate in the NLDTF application process.

Date: Saturday 29 May 2010, 10:00

Venue: Auditorium, SASCOC House

RSVP to Bernelle at by 25 May 2010.


  1. Current status of SAOF as a Federation in SRSA: In Jeopardy
  2. Development of Orienteering in SA: Challenge of Volunteerism
  3. 5 year plans to achieve our 20 year plan. What’s first?
  4. Fundraising: What avenues?
  5. Marketing: Feeling our way in the dark!
  6. Technical Structures: The Skills Transfer challenge

The graph below outlines several scenarios of how Orienteering can continue to function in South Africa, with the axes representing two trends; x-axis our level of professionalism, and the y-axis our level of Development. Business as usual (bottom left) is acceptable, but with increased pressure on National Federations’ performance, it is highly likely that we will receive no funding from Government for the administration of the sport, nor will we be allowed to send teams to WOC or JWOC. This impacts our ability to compete internationally. Increasing our performance in any way, however, exceeds our capacity as a volunteer organisation. We need to know how the orienteering body feels about the changing nature of Orienteering in South Africa, where they see it going, where they want it to go and what they are willing to invest to get there.

Requirements of SRSA and NLDTF:

  • To be a national federation you must have sustainable clubs in at least 5 provinces.
  • We need to encourage PDI participation (In fact, race demographics should not even be an issue).
  • We need a high performance plan for Elite athletes.
  • We need measurable development projects.
  • We need to show working structures for skills transfer.
  • We need to be accountable and well organised.

Orienteering in 2030:

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