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O Circuit

Circuits are a fun way to mix orienteering games with exercise elements. These map symbol and control description cards can be used for memory games, ‘match’ games, for ‘Go Fish’-type games or as  flashcards. Download, print, cut, laminate and use these cards for all sorts of games.

>>O circuit activity using map symbol and control description cards …


The British Orienteering Federation (BOF) presents a number of under the ‘Development > Weekly Club‘ section of their website. They provide activity instructions and printable sheets for these activities. Download, print and use!

The following activities, from BOF, can be used in a circuit or interval-training manner to incorporate fitness training elements. We recommend these ones:

  • Two the same – there are six images of the same map on one page and on each something has been altered. Students must identify the two that are the same.
  • Match the map – a  ‘memory’ style game with small map cards that must be matched in pairs.
  • Spot the difference – compare two images of the same map and look for 10 differences. In some features are made bigger or smaller or a different colour. In others featured have appeared or disappeared.

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