O in a Box (#2)

Where our ‘O in a Box’ Level 1 programme focused on basics like map orientation, symbols and objects and the relationship between objects, ‘O in a Box’ Level 2 introduces map symbols, control descriptions, thumbing and folding and it aims to improve map familiarity. 

These 16 games are planned to be progressive, building on and introducing skills. These activities are fun and colourful and most do not require your school to be mapped. It’s only really the last activities that really require a map. And, remember that even a simple hand-drawn map in black and white is perfectly suitable for games like ‘Walk the line’, ‘Control to control orienteering’ (#15) and ‘Orienteering intervals’ (#16). We recommend that you work through the activities in number order – from 1 to 16.

For your convenience the each lesson has an activity sheet that explains how to run the game as well as the graphics for the relevant cards for that activity. Each of the 16 activities are in zipped files to make download easier and to keep the items for each game together. Right-click on the link, select the “Save link as…” option and save the file to your computer. Saving it to your desktop is probably easiest. Then, double-click on the zipped folder to open it. Copy and paste the files into your orienteering folder. Open, print and use!

Note that you may want to make multiple sets of cards for the games depending on the number of students and/or groups.

Click here to view the entire folder and download these 16 activities.

‘O in a Box’ Level 2

  1. Map symbol flash cards (132kb)
  2. Map symbol star game (228kb)
  3. Counting colour cones game (130kb)
  4. Colour-in map (236kb)
  5. Legend cone game (165kb)
  6. Thumbing and folding (118kb)
  7. Map walk (259kb)
  8. 4×4 maze (121kb)
  9. Indoor O (146kb)
  10. Map symbol running game (129kb)
  11. Symbol testing cards (one document, 91.5kb)
  12. Map puzzle relay game (1.2MB)
  13. Map the details (one document) (210kb)
  14. Map and control description game (753kb)
  15. Control to control orienteering (707kb)
  16. Orienteering intervals (788kb)

This folder also contains the following useful reference sheets:

  • O in a Box Level 2 cover page (PDF, 228kb)
  • Control descriptions (quick reference of most common) (PDF, 908kb)
  • School map symbols (PDF, 872kb)
  • Sprint (also known as short course) map symbols (PDF, 987kb)

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa at o4schools @ orienteering.co.za.

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