Strategy 2021-2025


To make Orienteering a vibrant, national sport accessible to all South Africans


Development Growth Excellence

These statements encapsulate the intent of our strategy.  They reflect the belief that in order to grow the sport, development and roll-out of education pathways are required to reduce the inherent barriers to entry.  Our mission also recognises that excellence, which includes being internationally competitive at the highest level, will not be possible without the foundation of development and growth of the participation base of our sport in all communities within South Africa.

Based on our experience over the preceding five years we believe that the correct approach to grow the sport in new areas is comprised of three steps.  These steps apply equally to clubs wishing to grow their membership base.  The three steps are:

Expose lots of new people to the sport

We need to continue to provide opportunities to make more people aware of our sport.  The more people we can introduce to Orienteering, the greater the chance we have of finding those people who will become truly passionate about the sport.

Identify people who show passion

Out of all the people that we expose to the sport we need find ways to identify those people who will become truly passionate about the sport.  These are the people that “pull” for more.  They are proactive in seeking more help and more information.  We have learned that putting effort and resources into people who do not “pull” is invariably wasted.

Provide support

Once we have found these people who are passionate about orienteering, we need to provide support in whatever form it is needed.  This could be in the form of education opportunities, provision of materials, participation opportunities, recognition of their efforts, etc.

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