Expert Consultant
Istvan Balyi: National Coaching Institute BC, Member of the Canadian Sport Centres LTAD Expert Group.

Garry Morrison, South African Orienteering Federation

LTPD Task Force Committee Members

The positions of the committee members is that at the compilation of the LTPD programme.
Michele Botha:           Chair, SAOF, Coaching sub-committee
Nicholas Mulder:       SAOF National Junior Orienteering Coach
Jeremy Green:            Athlete
Eugene Botha:            President, SAOF (2009-2011)
Garry Morrison:         SAOF committee member.
Bernelle Verster:        Former SAOF committee member.
Tania Wimberley:      Former SAOF committee member and developer of YOC initiative.
Ake Fagereng:             SAOF committee member.