Goals 2020

There are a number of dimensions over which to evaluate the health of our sport.  These dimensions include number of members*1, number of Member clubs*2, geographic spread of active Member clubs, total participation levels, participation that is reflective of South Africa’s demographics and international performance amongst others.  Our 5-year goals against each of these dimensions are listed below.  By measuring our progress against these goals we will be able to assess whether or not our efforts effective.

Long-term Objectives:  2020

  • 10000 Runs*3 annually at Orienteering Events*4
  • 750 SAOF members
  • Active Member clubs in 6 Provinces
  • A single event with more than 500 Participants*5
  • Year-on-year improvement in participants mirroring SA demographics
  • Year-on-year improvement in club membership mirroring SA demographics
  • First Woman A-final qualification. Men regularly qualifying for A-finals (JWOC or WOC)


*1    Number of individual members of Member clubs.  Member clubs are either full or associate.
*2  As per our constitution, Member clubs are either full or associate.  Full Member clubs are those whose primary focus is orienteering.
*3  Runs are defined as the number of cards / individuals (count groups are counted as 2 since this is the minimum number in a group)
*4  An Orienteering Event is defined as any timed event with a Map and Navigation.  This can include Foot O and
*5  Participants are as per *1 and *2, i.e. participants at a trail-running event with O elements don’t count.