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The following manuals and activity sheets have been created specifically for use in schools. They are free to download.

If you are a teacher and would like to do orienteering-themed activities in your school, please email We’ll teach you how to play these games and will provide you with a complete ‘O in a Box’, which includes the necessary equipment.

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‘O in a Box’ – Level 1

‘O in a Box’ is a neat-and-tidy programme that teaches the fundamental elements of orienteering through a bunch of games and activities. The best part about this Level 1 is that the teacher needs no prior knowledge of orienteering. In this level we teach map orientation, how symbols on a map relate to objects in reality, the relationship between objects in reality and th

e map/plan and also we bring in a bit of distance/scale.

Level 1 is very important because it is a solid foundation. The second level of ‘O in a Box’ requires a little more know-how from the teachers; most much learn as they go through the activities. The second level is a more map orientated.

If you’re a teacher and you’re interested in doing orienteering activities at your school, please contact

Please see our page on ‘O in a Box (#1)‘ to download the manual and additional activity sheets.

‘O in a Box’ – Level 2

O level 2These activities introduce map work, map symbols and control descriptions. Map orientation is an important skill and activities are included to keep working on this. We also introduce thumbing and folding, skills essential to ‘real-time’ map use. Level 2 contains 16 progressive activities.

Visit the ‘O in a Box (#2)‘ page to download the instructions and activity sheets for this level.



Additional Activities

For additional activities and ideas, please visit the Additional Activities page on this website.

Guides and policies

Promotional Posters

These full-colour posters can be printed A4 or A3. Use the blank space to fill in the date when orienteering activities will take place at your school i.e. Tuesday afternoons, 14h00-15h00, where they take place i.e. lower soccer field, and your contact details. Laminate the posters to reuse – just clean off the writing.



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