Our Invitation to Educators

Ladysmith High School map

A Map of your School

Dear Educator,

The South African Orienteering Federation (SAOF) has a project to provide every school in South Africa with a basic Orienteering map. Your school can use this map as a resource for teaching cartography/map-work in Geography and decision-making in Life Orientation.
At no cost to your school the SAOF will supply a map in digital format (PDF).

If you are interested in this project, please reply to me so that we can take the next steps:
1. We will create the base map using Google Earth and a special Computer Aided Design package called OCAD.
2. We will send the base map to you with detailed instructions on how to add more features and correct things we got wrong.
3. You will add this detail and send the map back to us.
4. We will complete the map and send it to you in pdf format. The map will be the property of the school and may be used for any purpose.
5. We will also send a set of exercises that you can use with the map in lessons.

We believe the map will be a great permanent resource for your school.

Please send enquiries to Richard Lund at richard@oventures.co.za or call 082-521-0802.