The South African Orienteering Federation is excited to present its Long-Term Participant Development (LTPD) Guide, “Orienteering – A Sport for Life”.  This guide introduces and explains the conceptual framework for participant development and as such provides essential guidance for the SAOF, its members and participants as we pursue the shared vision of evolving into a sport system that is at the forefront of theory and practice.  The SAOF’s LTPD Guide is consistent with Sport Canada’s Long-Term Participant Development Resource Paper, but is customised to orienteering.  It is intended as a catalyst for change and improvement that can help our sport achieve its goals of fostering both life-long participation and international excellence. To this end this resource includes an assessment of the current state of orienteering in South Africa as well as a description of the strategies we believe are required to reach our goals.  To reach these goals will require:

  • A cooperative partnership between the SAOF and its member clubs, within a sport system that recognises and facilitates the roles of all participants, including both those that are integral to the SAOF and those that are external to the organisation (e.g. multi-sport organisations, community recreational organisations, schools, universities, etc.).
  • Systematic coaching development at all levels.
  • An effective participant development framework from grassroots to elite levels.
  • Programs tailored specifically to an participant’s development stage.
  • Long term strategies rather than a short term focus.

The SAOF’s LTPD model will become the touchstone against which the relevance and effectiveness of all operations, functions and supporting systems within our sport will be measured.  The model clearly delineates “what needs to be done” and “why”, if our sport is to flourish.  Building an implementation plan from our strategy will enable us to create a comprehensive roadmap to success.  Ultimately, by understanding and adhering to LTPD principles and practices, an optimal developmental environment for current and future orienteers will be established.

The SAOF’s LTPD guide will be made available through this website.  It will subdivided into smaller sections that promote easier access to the content.  As well as the SAOF’s guide, you will also find here various links to useful LTPD resources.

The SAOF’s LTPD Guide


The 10S’s of Training and Performance

The Ten Key Factors Influencing LTPD


SAOF LTPD Summary Booklet (pdf 620KB)

South African Sports for Life document (link to SASCOC site, pdf 4.7MB)

Canadian Sports For Life Parent’s Guide to LTPD (pdf 1.7MB)

Canadian Sports For Life:  Role of Monitoring Growth in LTPD (pdf 6.1 MB)

Canadian Sports For Life:  Developing Physical Literacy (pdf 4.1 MB)

Canadian Sports For Life: website


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