Management Committee

Roles and Responsibilities of the Management Committee

The aims and objectives of the Federation are:

  1. to promote the interests of orienteering and its orienteers, and to uphold the rules relative to amateur status and the eligibility of orienteers to compete under the rules of the SAOF and IOF;
  2. to administer orienteering falling under the jurisdiction of the Federation;
  3. to enquire into such irregularities as may have occurred during orienteering competitions or in the course of the administration of orienteering and have been submitted to the Federation or have come to its notice;
  4. to hear appeals against the decisions of Members, and to pronounce upon such appeals;
  5. to commission and supervise annual National and Provincial Championships and IOF sanctioned events;
  6. to attend to the selection of orienteers who are to represent the Federation;
  7. to provide for official records of performance;
  8. to maintain the principles of freedom of participation on an equal basis and of non-discrimination, in respect of race, sex, religion, political views and HIV status;
  9. as a sport recognised by the International Olympic Committee and the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC), to respect the Olympic Charter.

Committee Positions

In incredibly lawful jargon: “The President is required to pursue the stated aims and objectives in the Constitution of the SAOF by any means lawful and ethical. To ensure that the SAOF committee is functioning as required in the Constitution and that all Vice Presidents perform their functions and duties as stipulated therein”. Basically the President keeps the rest of us in check and writes a lot of reports to the funding bodies. This makes this person very stressed resulting in us having to do more jobs to keep the nation’s orienteering athletes happy.

VP Technical
The Vice President of Technical is required to manage all structures put in place to encourage the pursuit of High Performance Orienteering. This VP also ensures Mapping, Planning, Coaching and Event Organisation is up to world class standards.

VP Development
The Vice President of Development is required to manage all structures put in place to develop Orienteering at the entry level. The Development portfolio is to focus on providing structures and managing same, for members from the Previously Disadvantaged Community and for school children to participate in Orienteering.

VP Marketing
The Vice President of Marketing has as main aim to make more people aware of the Sport Orienteering. The Vice President of Marketing is required to perform all related functions including but not limited to seeking out potential sponsors for National and Provincial events, Sponsors for High Performance Orienteers, marketing of the Development programme and the performances of the High Performance Orienteers. A current requirement is to do Market Research of Orienteering in South Africa to identify our marketing needs.

VP Admin
The Vice President of Administration is required to develop and enforce structures for meeting the stated aims listed above. Formally, the Vice President of Administration is required to manage all administrative duties, including but not limited to communications with Members, managing the financials of the SAOF, communicating with the relevant National and Provincial sporting Authorities, and ensuring that all proper notices, agendas and minutes are kept and circulated at Management Meetings and General Meetings.