Strategic Plan

The vision of the SAOF is DEVELOPMENT, GROWTH, EXCELLENCE.  The Technical Portfolio of the SAOF is contributing to the  realisation of this vision in a number of ways.  Currently the Technical Portfolio is responsible for the areas of Coaching, Mapping, Event Organising and High Performance.  The current focus is on the requirements for Development and Growth, as it is anticipated that Excellence will come as a by-product of efforts to grow and develop orienteering in South Africa.

Our strategy is based on the following assessment:  In order to grow orienteering in South Africa we need to get more people involved in the mapping of new areas, the coaching of participants and the organising of events.  As of 2009 there exist no formal mechanisms to train people up in each of these areas.  We therefore aim to set up commissions (or sub-committees)  to attend to the development of education systems in each of these areas.  It is envisaged that the education systems will consist of courses at a number of levels (e.g. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), that will seek to give people the skills to go out and help grow the sport.  This is what is meant by Development within the Technical portfolio.

This Development of the education systems is a prerequisite for Growth.  Once we are able to train and accredit people in the various technical areas of orienteering, we hope to equip many more people with the skills required to put on orienteering events in all corners of South Africa.