Licensed Coaches

The SAOF is responsible for orienteering coaching qualifications and accreditation in South Africa.  In order to maintain a register of coaches that the SAOF is confident are active and knowledgeable in current coaching methods a ‘License to Practice’ scheme is in place.

The term ‘Licence to Practice’ identifies those Orienteering Coaches who meet the following criteria:


  • Are teachers actively coaching with a school environment and are bound by a contract of employment to the school.

Currently Licensed Coaches (2019)

Level 1:

Karen Chambers, Timothy Chambers, Ephraim Chuene, Ashley Friskin, Jeremy Green, James Hancock, Carl Holmes, Meris Mills, Madimane Nkhulu, Elaine O’Connell , Michael Palombo, Tebatso Ramodike, Anthony Stott, Lynette Terry,Richard Venter

Level 2:

Margaret Archibald, Zoe Brentano, Lisa De Speville, Bruce Meier, Sarah Pope, Craig Ogilvie, Tania Wimberley, Garry Morrison

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