The development of a coach education system has been identified as one of the priority areas that is crucial for the growth of orienteering in South Africa.  This will be undertaken by the SAOF coaching commission.  This will be aligned with the SRSA & SASCOC’s SA Coach Framework project, which was launched in November 2011.  More information on the SA Coach Framework and the SAOF’s response to it can be found in a post of 26 February 2012.

Coaching Commission

During the course of 2009-2011 the Coach Commission was instrumental in developing the SAOF’s LTPD plan and a Level 1 Teacher’s Training Course in orienteering has also been developed.

During the course of 2012 and 2013 the SAOF entered into a partnership with the British Orienteering Federation  (BOF) whereby both a Level 1 and Level 2  UK Orienteering Coaching Course was delivered and assessed by a team of qualified coach educators and assessors, to a group of 13 local coaches. Through this partnership the SAOF now has a workforce of qualified coaches as well as the backbone of a coaching system on which the South African Orienteering Coaching accreditation system will be based.

Our heartfelt thanks are extended to both BOF and their members Hillary and John Palmer, Lynne Walker and Pat Mee for so generously giving of their time and energy to work with our coaches and to the BOF CEO  Mike Hamilton for allowing us to build the SA model on the UK system .

The members of the SAOF Coaching Commission are:

Nicholas Mulder
Sarah Pope
Tania Wimberley (Chair)
Garry Morrison (consultative & liaison with SAOF)

Terms of Reference

The coaching commission reports to Management Committee through the President.  The commission is tasked with the following:


  • To develop the SAOF coach training and accreditation infrastructure.
  • To develop content for training material appropriate for each qualification level.
  • To develop an accreditation scheme for the coaching qualifications.
  • To follow LTPD principles in the development of the coaching level specifications.
  • To consider alignment with the SA LTCD for this coaching framework.

Coaching Articles

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