SAOF Level 1 Mapper Course

On Saturday 4th December 2010 the SAOF hosted a highly successful Level 1 Mapper’s course at Camp Delta in Delta Park, Johannesburg.  The course was expertly presented by Nicholas Mulder and Paul Wimberley and was keenly attended by 26 novice and not-so-novice mappers.  The morning sessions saw Nicholas present on the philosophy and theory of map making as well as on the standards for orienteering maps.  Paul presented on the various tools and data available to the mapper and followed this will a presentation on preparation for field surveying.

Whilst some of the theory sessions definitely exceeded what is required for Level 1 maps, it is always valuable to have an understanding of the broader context into which Introductory orienteering maps fit.  This includes an overview of the historical development of the orienteering map.  This broader context ensured that a number of “old hands”, with many good orienteering maps behind their names, also gained from this course.

After lunch the eager participants spent an hour and a half surveying the Camp Delta property, which proved and ideal venue for this exercise.  The course was concluded by a walk around Camp Delta and a discussion of interpretation and representation.  This proved to be an extremely valuable exercise as the budding mappers learned that there is no 100% correct solution and that a number of interpretations are possible within the guidelines of the relevant IOF mapping standards.

This course is part of the initiative by the SAOF to encourage more people to get out there and make orienteering maps.  With more maps of simple terrains it will be possible to introduce more people to the sport of orienteering.  The SAOF encourages the various clubs and individuals to use these simple maps to host simple introductory events for beginners as a way of exposing more people to the sport.

The SAOF also hopes to present this course in other parts of South Africa as part of their efforts to expand orienteering into other provinces.  Participants of the course will all receive a certificate of attendance.  Once they have produced completed maps to the required standard, they will be accredited Level 1 orienteering map makers.

Please follow this link to the Mapping Resources page on this website that provides new and experienced mappers with some useful resources.

Contact the VP Development for more information.


  1. Pieter M.

    Well done organisers and participants. Just one question.
    Where were Nicholas and Paul and Garry when Ian Cooper, Alan Mason and myself struggled to make the first coloured map in South Africa. We could have done with some advice!

    O Cheers from a white Switzerland.

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