YOC 2011 Short Course Analysis

YOC administrator, Tania Wimberley, has written a report analysing the effect of the YOC programme on the 2011 Short Course series.  The report shows a dramatic increase in attendance numbers at events in Gauteng since the introduction of YOC in 2009.  It is pleasing to note that the initiative is obviously successful in attracting new children and families to the sport.  Tania’s report also illustrates that a reasonable percentage of these families continue on with orienteering in subsequent years.

The success of the initiative is due, in large part, to the efforts of Tania and her dedicated team of Leila Venter and Cally de Klerk.  Their efforts really bare fruit through the support and commitment of the clubs that put on the events and help man the YOC table.  The full report makes for interesting reading and Tania provides a few pointers how the clubs to further capitalise on this initiative to further grow attendance at events.  To read the full report, either go to the main YOC page and follow the links to YOC reports, or view the report by clicking here.

The YOC initiative is strongly supported by the SAOF as one of the critical elements of our Development Plan.