Orienteering World Cup Round 1

The Orienteering World Cup round 1 is this weekend in Olten Switzerland. You can follow the liver results and watch the races on streaming. Full details at https://orienteering.sport/…/orienteering…/welcome/

The Orienteering World Cup Round 1 in Switzerland begins on Friday and we hope you will help us promote the event and all the live services on the IOF homepage.

The TV broadcast with English and French commentary is available on our streaming platform IOF TV: https://tv.orienteering.sport/

Start lists, live results and GPS-tracking are available at IOF LIVE:

The Event local time zone is CEST (UTC +2). All printed times in IOF LIVE pages are CEST (UTC +2).

World Cup Round 1 program

Friday, May 24th
14.00 Knock-Out Sprint Qualification begin

Saturday, May 25th
10.00 Knock-Out Sprint quarter finals begin
12.00-14.00 IOF TV broadcast
12.09 Knock-Out Sprint semi-finals begin
13.27 Knock-Out Sprint finals begin

Sunday, May 26th
12.03 Sprint final first start
12.10 – 14.40 IOF TV Broadcast 

Price (IOF TV):
9 EUR for one competition, 30 EUR for all four competitions from World Cup Round 1 and 2. Round 2 takes place in Genoa, Italy next weekend. Followers can purchase tickets in advance and the purchase is done on https://tv.orienteering.sport/. It is not possible to transfer the user accounts from the former IOF LIVE-accounts, so it is necessary to create a new account.