There are many orienteering resources you can use to find out more about orienteering.


We also recommend that you visit the Wikipedia entry on orienteering as it has interesting and colourful descriptions and images as well as links to a variety of websites.

Training – A website  by World of O creator Jan Kocbach (NOR) which is a potentially great  resource for training ideas and exercises for both coach and athlete. – click on Community and then South African Orienteers and you’ll be able to see updates of daily training logs from some of our (elite and not-so-elite) athletes.  Register and you can log your own training or post encouraging comments.  You will also be able to see splits of current & historical races.

Control Descriptions

At events, competitors receive a ‘control description sheet’, which gives the control number, the number on the orange-and-white control flag and a description of its precise location. ‘Boulder, 5m, north side’ is an example.

For novice courses, the control description is written for novice courses. The control description is related by symbols for more experienced orienteers on longer courses  These symbols are uniform worldwide, as established by the International Orienteering Federation (IOF)

A PDF of these IOF Control Descriptions ia available for download.

International Orienteering Federation (IOF)

The International Orienteering Federation (IOF) is the worldwide representative of the sport of orienteering. The South African OrienteeringIOF Federation is a full member of the IOF (one of 49 full and 21 associate member countries!).

The IOF website, at, hosts information on orienteering disciplines, World Championship and ranking events, news and various document resources. Guidelines for World Ranking Events are published on the IOF website at