200 orienteers at the Zoo

The first event of the 2010 Gauteng Short Course Series took place at the Jo’burg Zoo on Sunday, 24 January. With its many paths and road, open gardens, dozens of buildings and enclosures and interesting features, this is fast-running terrain with navigation suited to all levels.

147 control cards were handed out to individuals and groups on the novice, womens and mens courses. This amounted to 202 people! In addition, the 25 string course maps – for small children – were all used with many being reused by later arrivals. 65 children were signed up for the Young Orienteers Challenge (YOC). Although, as history has shown, not all of these will continue through the Series, it is good to see how many children are around and interested in this wonderful sport.

The event’s winners are Stephanie Courtnage (women) and Alex Pope (men), with newcomers Cameron & Katie taking the prize on the Novice Course.