Orienteers get Fair Play Award

The athletes Thierry Gueorgiou (FRA), Anders Nordberg (NOR) and Michal Smola (CZE) will be recognised by the International Committee for Fair Play for their sportsmanship during the World Orienteering Championships relay in Hungary in 2009. The three athletes were fighting for gold medal on the last leg in the World Championships relay, but sacrificed their own and their nation’s medal possibilities when stopping to assist an injured fellow competitor. The Award Ceremony, where the prize-winners receive their trophies and diplomas, will be held under the auspices of the City of Pécs, European Capital of Culture in 2010 and the International Committee for Fair Play, in the course of a gala dinner in Pécs, Hungary Saturday 27 March 2010. Gueorgiou, Nordberg and Smola will receive the Fair Play Diploma in the category Act of Fair Play. 

The International Committee for Fair Play is an international non-governmental organisation recognised by the International Olympic Committee. The goal of the International Committee for Fair Play (CIFP) is the world-wide defence and promotion of fair play. 

Article from www.orienteering.org (22 Jan 2010)

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  1. Eugene Botha


    Fair play nomination to Garry Morrison and Bradley lund who disqualified themselves at the Brescia House event held recently. Apparently they both crossed uncrossable areas and elected to disqualify themselves, despite not being seen or reported by other runners.

    Very admirable.


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