SA Champs 2012

Held in the Haenertsburg area of Limpopo Province (22-24 September 2012) there will be eight courses for Middle and Long Championships with varying distances and technicality.

This event is made possible by the National Lottery Board and the South African Orienteering Federation.

The area is used with kind permission of Stanford Lake College and Stevens Lumber Mills


Saturday, 22 September 2012 (SA Middle Champs)
09h00 – 13h00:  Event Centre at Stanford Lake College opens (Registration)
14h00 – 15h00:  Starts.
17h00:                 Courses close!

Sunday, 23 September 2012 (SA Long Champs)
09h00 – 10h00:  Event Centre at Stanford Lake College opens (Registration)
09h30 – 10h30: Starts.
13h30:         Courses close!
15h00:         SAOF AGM (all welcome)
17h00:         Social

Monday, 24 September 2012 (SA Club Relay Champs) 
08h30 – 09h00:  Registration
09h15:           Briefing
09h30:          Relay Mass Start (max. 2.5 hours)
12h00:           Prize Giving.

Event Information

  • Read Bulletin 1-2, issued 15 June 2012 (PDF, 764KB)
  • Read Bulletin 3, issued 15 September 2012 (PDF, 2MB)

Classes and Participation Restrictions

Competitors 20 years & under belong to the age group up to the end of the calendar year in which they reach the given age.  Competitors 21 or over belong to the age group from the beginning of the calendar year in which they will reach the given age.
Competitors on Championship courses must be members of a club affiliated to the SAOF or members of an Orienteering Club outside of South Africa.
Only members of a club affiliated to the SAOF and who have been resident in South Africa for six months will be eligible for Championship trophies/medals (as per SAOF competition rule 4.1).

M12 12 and under 2000 W12 12 and under 2000
M16 16 and under 1996 W16 16 and under 1996
M20 20 and under 1992 W20 20 and under 1992
M21A Open W21A Open
M40 40 and over 1972 W35 35 and over 1977
M50 50 and over 1962 W45 45 and over 1967
M60 60 and over 1952 W55 55 and over 1957
M70 70 and over 1942 W65 65 and over 1947

SA Champs Courses
Eight courses for both Championships with varying distances and technicality will be available. Expected winning times for the Long Distance Championships are indicated in table. Expected winning times for the Middle Distance Championships are all expected to be in the region of 30-35 minutes.

NOTE: Entries on the day can only compete on the Novice (LN and SN) Courses.

Course 1 M21A 80-90 mins
Course 2 M20, W21A, M40 60-70 mins
Course 3 W20, M21B, M50 50-60 mins
Course 4 M16, W21B, M60 40-50 mins
Course 5 W16, W35, W45 40-50 mins
Course 6 W55, W65, M70 35-45 mins
Course 7 M12, W12, SN 20-30 mins
Course 8 LN 40-50 mins

SA Relay Championships

Club Relay Championsip: teams of three competitors from the same SAOF affiliated or overseas club (with at least one non-M21A/E); 1 medium leg, 2 short legs.
Ad Hoc relay: teams of any three competitors regardless of affiliation or class; 3 short legs

Training Opportunities
There   are   no   opportunities   for   training   in   Haenertsburg.
However, training opportunities can be made available to overseas competitors in Johannesburg / Pretoria in the week prior to the event.  Please contact the organisers for further details.

The terrain is mature open pine forest plantation, with interspersed areas of indigenous forest.  The terrain has mostly gentle to moderate slopes covering most of the map.  Runnability and visibility is very good in most places.

September is a HIGH fire risk time so all participants are requested to take extreme care.
There is the possibility of forestry vehicle movements in the plantations during the event.

Competition clothing
There is no restriction on competition clothing.   However, leg protection is advised for all three events.

Visa Requirements Most visitors to South Africa are not required to obtain visas in advance.   For further information visit

Haenertsburg has plenty of guest houses and self-catering accommodation.   See:

Transport:    No official transport will be offered.   Overseas competitors are advised to hire a car from one of the recognised car hire companies:;  ;   ;       


Entry to championship courses includes entry into the relay.

Events Seniors Juniors Groups (non-champ)
SAOC Middle: R 125.00 R 75.00 R100.00
SAOC Middle: R 125.00 R 75.00 R100.00
On the day (Novice) R 100.00 R 75.00 R100.00
Emit Hire: Per Event R 10.00


Start Lists

(Excel files – right-click and ‘Save link as…’)



The event centre for the SA Orienteeering  Championships will be at Stanford Lake College, Haenertsburg, Limpopo.These event areas, as shown in the map below, are embargoed.  The embargo includes the grounds of the School, which will form part of the relay area.

Description of the Terrain

The terrain is mature open pine forest plantation, with interspersed areas of indigenous forest.  The terrain has mostly gentle to moderate slopes covering most of the map.  Runnability and visibility is very good in most places.

The maps are 1:10 000, 5 m contour, drawn to the ISOM 2000 standard.

The maps have been prepared by: Nicholas Mulder (Rand Orienteering Club)

 Climate:  The average daytime/night time temperatures for September are 22°C / 9°C respectively and the average rainfall is 16mm.  It is therefore likely to be cool and dry for the competitions with the possibility of light showers.

Hazards:  There are no dangerous animals in the competition area, although competitors may encounter various species of buck, jackals and other small animals.
Snakes  (including  venomous  ones)  are  found  in  the  area  but  they  will  usually  get  out  of  the runner’s way. No incidents have been reported due to snakes in similar areas used for orienteering in South Africa.


Available on the Results page on this website.

Contacts & Organisers

Event Director
Brian Gardner (AR Club)

Fred Richardson: +27 (0)83 602 6163;
Garry Morrison: +27 (0)82 330 2496

Course planners
Middle Distance –  Nicholas Mulder  (ROC)
Long Distance – Brian Gardiner (AR Club)
Relay – Stijn Laenen (AR Club)

Event Controllers
Middle Distance – Garry Morrison  (IOF Event Adviser, AR Club)
Long Distance – Nicholas Mulder (ROC)
Relay – Lisa de Speville (AR Club

Travel advisory

Due to the heavy traffic expected along the R71 between Polokwane and Haenertsberg all weekend, please note some alternative directions in the spreadsheet attached. We are also having the prize giving for the Middle and the Long on Sunday evening before the Bring & Braai Social to allow for an earlier departure after the Relay on Monday.

Directions (Alternative from Polokwane to Stanford Lake)
distance S Lat E long
From the main intesection of N1/R71 23.8988 29.5102
go east on a split double-lane road for 19.0
At the turn-off 23.8886 29.6998
go north on tar for 22.0
At the turn-off 23.8183 29.8938
go east on tar for 9.2
At T-junction 23.8653 29.941
turn right on gravel for 4.3
At T-junction 23.8938 29.9231
turn left on gravel for 6.1
At T-junction 23.9152 29.9608
Back on R71, Stanford to the left 1.7km, Haenertsburg right 3.6km

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