Results from SA O Champs

The results from the recent SA Orienteering Championships are out! 

Notable results on the Middle Course include WITSOC’s Michael Crone’s 23-second win ahead of PENOC’s Ake Fagereng on the M21E Course. Ian Bratt (ROC) finished only 55-seconds ahead of Brian Courtnage (RACO) with a time of 43:13 (M50).

Running for the first time as TUKS-O Jessica Lund won the W21E course with a comfortable two-and-a-half minutes ahead of Michele Botha (ROC).

On the Long Course Michael again beat Ake but this time by only TWO SECONDS to win in 1:05:22. PENOCs Martin Kleynhans completed the podium with this 1:07:24.

RACO’s Piers Pirow won the M40 category on both the Middle and Long Courses. He finished ahead of other competitive runners Paul Wimberley (RACO) and Peter Braun (International).

On the W12 course young Sarah Wimberley (aged 9) beat her older sister Heather by 16-minutes! A fast runner, we’ll see more superb results from her in years to come as she gains confidence.

Jessica Lund was again ahead of the rest giving her another Gold Medal on the W21 course.

With many AR Club runners involved with the organising and planning, Cindy van Zyl (W35) proved to be the club’s only medal winner, collecting the Bronze for her run.

Klaus Kreft was the only M70 entrant while Sheila Terry and Del Comins were the W65 entrants. Sheila finished only four-and-a-half and five-minutes ahead of Del on the Middle and Long courses respectively.

For full results sheets, please visit the Results page.

* Photo: Our only M70 competitor, Klaus Kreft (ROC). Original photo by Rand Orienteering Club.