Urban Series 2015

Our 2015 Urban Series brings together a variety of urban environments for a series of 10 events on school, park and golf course properties and other interesting venues. From the very young to the very old, there’s a course for you. Explore and discover the adventurous side of our city through our Urban Series and learn to find your way using a map.


2015 Urban Series dates & venues

Day Date Location Pre-register online Event information
Sunday 25 January Golden Harvest Park  completed
Sunday 8 February The Wilds  completed
Sunday 22 February American Int’nl School completed
Sunday 8 March Rietvlei Zoo Farm completed
Sunday 15 March Woodlands Office Park completed
Saturday 28 March Eagle Canyon Golf Course completed
Saturday 11 April Houghton Golf Course completed
Saturday 18 April Randpark Golf Course completed
Sunday 10 May The Campus completed
Sunday 24 May Westcliff  Completed  Overall results

Detailed event information

Event information sheets are published about two weeks before each event. These give directions and parking information in addition to brief details about the terrain (grassy, paved, buildings, vegetation) and any special entry information. Please check the calendar above to download relevant event information sheets.

Pre-registration online

One of the most challenging aspects of organising orienteering events is knowing how many people are going to show up and how many are doing which course. We encourage you to pre-register before each event so that we can ensure that we have sufficient maps – this really aids our planning.

Courses and distances

Each event offers four courses to cater for all ages and abilities.

  • Men’s course: perfect for men with some navigation experience; distance is 3-4km (winning time of <20 minutes)
  • Women’s course: perfect for women with some navigation experience; distance is 3-4km (winning time of <20 minutes)
  • Novice: a 2km course with easy navigation, especially for newcomers. This fun course is not too challenging technically or physically.
  • Kiddies: this 400m course is for young children, accompanied by a parent. Using a map they’ll find cartoon characters and receive a lollipop at the end.
sponsored by Adventure Racing Club
Adventure Racing Club has put out a challenge to newcomers…Complete at least three of the 10 events. They’ll take your top 3 results to determine a men’s, women’s and junior winner. They’ll give the winning man and woman R750 each; R400 goes to the junior winner.

  • Newcomers are classified as those people who are participating in orienteering events for the first time this year.
  • Men and women must do their respective men’s and women’s courses
    • At your first event, you can start with the Novice course (doesn’t count for the competition). At this same event you can do the men’s/women’s course at no additional fee (this one will count for the Challenge).
  • Junior participants can do novice courses, which count for the competition.
  • Winners are determined based on results from three events. If you only do three of the Urban Series events, then these are the ones that will count. If you do four or more, we’ll take your Top 3 results to count.

At the end of the Urban Series, winners in the men’s, women’s and junior (16 and younger) categories will be announced. Men’s and women’s winners will receive R750 each; the junior winner receives R400.


Participants are set off at intervals – not a mass start – and there’s no need to be up at the crack of dawn.

  • Registration: from 08h30 to 09h30
  • Starts: from 09h00 to 10h00
  • Courses close / prize giving: 12h00

Please ensure that you register and start within these defined time periods.

Entry fees
Please see each event sheet for entry fees.


Prize giving takes place by 12h00. Course winners receive prizes. Lucky draw follows. Additional prizes will be awarded to top ranked participants at the end of the Series.

Log rankings

Results are compiled from each event and participants are ranked.  Your best six (6) results from the 10 events count towards your final ranking. It’s good fun to see how you rank compared to other participants on your course – especially for the more competitive among us.


Lisa, our friendly and helpful person, will gladly answer your questions about fitness, terrain, navigation, children’s courses and anything else that comes to mind. Contact her on 082 936-2509.



What happens when I get there? Where do I go and what must I do?

Follow the signs to the registration tables. At registration pay the entry fee and receive your electronic timing card. Helpful people are on hand to explain about the maps and how to use the timing card. When you’re ready, walk to the start area where helpers there will show you what to do. You’ll only receive your course map at the start. Take your time – there’s definitely no rush. Work your way around the course, visiting the locations (we call them ‘controls’) in number order – #1, #2, #3… until you arrive at the finish.

You’re not going to be a superstar on your first outing – it takes a while to get used to concentrating on running/walking and reading a map and looking for controls (and trying to ignore other people on different courses). You’ll most definitely improve your skills and fitness with each event.

I’ve never read a map before. Can I still come along?

Of course! This is the best place to learn. And navigating is so much fun and the skills learned here can be applied to hiking and sports like adventure racing. We’ve got friendly people around who will show you the basics. The rest comes with practice and experience.

Is my child too young?

We don’t think that any age is too young. Moms and dads take part with babies in backpacks and the little ones quickly learn how to spot a control flag – it is quite incredible! Once they’re a bit bigger, todders do the kiddies courses accompanied by their folks. The very young ones don’t entirely get it but certainly from the time children are about 4yrs old, they can hold a map and turn it in the right direction to look for the control. Children can read maps before they can read sentences properly. Amazing! Children thrive on being outdoors and as they acquire navigation skills they develop confidence outdoors too.

All areas used for this Urban Series are fenced and safe. Even if your child is over 7yrs, definitely accompany them for their first few events. We then recommend ‘shadowing’ once they get the hang of it – this is where you follow a distance behind without interfering – and thereafter they can go off on their own.