Checkpoint Challenge runs around Jeppe Boys

Our first Checkpoint Challenge Schools League event took place this past Monday at Jeppe High School for Boys. We welcomed 66 participants from Jeppe Boys, Jeppe Girls and Leicester Road School.

Leicester group
In the Primary Girls category, Tashlin September (Leicester) finished in front of Lesedi Kgosiemang (Leicester) by only one second and in the Primary Boys category Luca Faria (Leicester) had only a 25 second lead over Janse van der Ryst (Leicester).

Bevelina Ledwada (Jeppe Girls) had a clean run to lead the Senior Girls’ ranking.

Matthew Leishman (Jeppe Boys) cruised to a very comfortable lead in the Junior Boys with his speedy time of 15:54, almost 11 minutes ahead of his closest challenger.

Good competition should develop between the Senior Boys over the next few weeks. This first event belonged to cross-country runner Freddy Kabemba (Jeppe Boys). He competed the 16-checkpoint course in 17:27 to finish comfortably ahead of Brodric Pahl (Jeppe Boys).

Photos from the event are posted in an album on the Checkpoint Challenge Facebook page.

The dates and venues for the next Checkpoint Challenge events are:

  • Monday, 9 February: #2 Sacred Heart College (event information)
  • Monday, 16 February: #3 Queens High School
  • Monday, 23 February: #4 Edenvale High

Participants can also come through individually – brought along by their parents; or with teachers and other students from their school. There are no minimum numbers. Please RSVP in advance and it’s only R20/event.

Visit our Checkpoint Challenge information page for more information on the League.