Good turnout at Wits Ed OSL event

Thank you to the students of WITS Orienteering Club (WITSOC), who planned and managed the first event of the 2015 Orienteering Schools League event at WITS EDUCATION CAMPUS in Parktown.
Approximately 200 pupils participated in our first competitive event for the season. Great fun was had by all some spending a little longer out on the course than others.



We’ve posted photos from the event in an album on our Facebook page.

The controls that appeared to challenge runners the most were the last and finish controls.

Many orienteers came running into the event centre having to be reminded that this was not the finish but that they had to keep going. Remember to look carefully at your map and try and not to get distracted by spectators. Your timed result is taken at the finish control (double circle on the map). Only then continue to the event centre where your EMIT card results will be downloaded. This point may be some distance from your finish control.

Also ensure your time is recorded by the person taking manual times at the finish. This is a back up in case of EMIT failure. The white back-up card in the EMIT shows whether you have visited all controls. Remember not to worry if you lose this card out on the course as it is merely a back up in the unlikely case of the electronic EMIT card failing.

The girls definitely seem to have outsmarted the boys with many more boys being disqualified than girls at this event. Remember to always check that the number on the control corresponds with your control description. Different courses have different controls. If you have missed a control you may go back to it but you then have to complete all the remaining controls in the correct order whether you have visited them before or not. You will not be disqualified for punching extra controls as long as all the necessary controls are punched in the correct order.

The many buildings on the campus presented a challenge to a number of our more inexperienced runners. Remember to keep your map orientated according to your surroundings at all times. Completing cone grids during training sessions is very good practice for remembering not to turn the map when you turn your body.

As can be seen by the results at this stage St Davids, Helpmekaar and Fourways are close to each other in the Schools Trophy competition.

Runners are encouraged to look at their splits (times between controls) to see how they compare to the top runners in their category. One mistake can be the difference between winning and only coming in the top ten.

Well done to everyone who took part and we look forward to seeing you improve at each event.

I look forward to seeing you at OSL #2 at Heronbridge. Visit the OSL page for more information on this year’s League.