ricky-headshotCongratulations to Ricky Raine from Penoc who has been awarded Honorary Membership of SAOF in recognition of his meritorious services over very many years to SAOF and to orienteering in South Africa.

Ricky began orienteering in South Africa in 1985, and became a member of PENOC soon after. He has always been, and remains still, a regular competitor and excellent orienteer, as well as a valued and respected member of his Club. He has always been unstinting of his time and energies, and has given these in all aspects of the sport of orienteering, including administration at all levels, planning, controlling, mapping, organizing, and helping in all ways at events from starts and finishes to collecting controls and packing up. He has been Planner and Controller of several major orienteering events, including the South African and Western Cape Championships.

Ricky served as a member of the Management Committee of SAOF from 2003 to 2009, seeking (apart from his other duties) to represent the interests of the Western Cape. He was a PENOC Committee Member from 1998 until early 2016. He was the Chairman of PENOC from 2000 until 2004, and again in 2014.

At times orienteering in the Western Cape has suffered from having only one active club, and a limited number of capable persons and volunteers to stage orienteering events. Ricky has stepped into the breach on countless occasions over the years, sometimes personally putting on as many as four events in a single year, in addition to his other contributions to the sport outlined above. Ricky has played a major and pivotal role in the continuance of orienteering in the Cape.

Well done Ricky, now we know we’ll be seeing you for many more years in the forests.


Article thanks to Penoc