Challenging cross country O at Summit College

This week saw OSL pupils facing not only longer more technical courses but also the challenge of an A3 map. Those who have not yet understood the need for folding your map and thumbing quickly learnt how. It is always useful to fold your map to a more manageable size remembering to keep your thumb on the control you were last at.

Thank you to SA Orienteer from Peninsula/ UCT Orienteering Club, Timothy Chambers, for updating the map and planning challenging courses that had all participants out for considerably longer than previous events. In spite of the challenge everyone clearly enjoyed their afternoon running through the lovely grounds of Summit College. Thank you Summit for allowing us to hold our event at your school. Orienteers experienced different terrain like rough grassland firsthand when trying to make their way through the long veld grass and flowers. Some girls resorted to using their maps as protection. Along the route there were sightings of bunnies, birds and butterflies. A nice change from the concrete jungle of buildings experienced at certain venues.

This week Helpmekaar had their midterm break but some of their top Orienteers still came to secure their positions in our Final. Well done boys. St Davids, with only 10 boys registered in the league, placed 1st again in the Schools log, Fourways 2nd and Helpmekaar 3rd. Charter remains in 4th position with Randpark not far behind. Special mention must also be made of the excellent achievements of Brescia in 6th position although they are newcomers to our league and only have 5 girls registered this year. Well done girls.

Klaus (Karen’s dad) worked really hard to ensure results were as accurate as possible this week and we have had no queries. Well done and thank you again for your patience and many many hours of work on the computer.

The full results have also be posted on our website. Remember to look at the photos on Facebook and let me know if you are not yet receiving this newsletter by email and would like to. All information regarding the Schools League and Club events also appears on our orienteering website.


The Senior Girls category was again won by Christie Courtnage of Trinity with a comfortable lead of nearly 4minutes. Fourways girls Kirstyn Hutcheson and Jureya Dildar placed 2nd and 3rd. Compare your route and splits (time and position for each leg of the race):

Jaya Curtis from St Davids won the Senior Boys for the second week in a row with Rory Ellis (WITS ED winner) also from St Davids only 5 seconds behind him. Only 4 seconds behind Rory was Darren Horwitz from Fourways who moved up to 3rd position. The race is definitely on for who will win the league in this category.

For the third week in a row Kirsten Chambers from Fourways won the Junior Girls race. In spite of making a big mistake on her way to the first control this week she had a more comfortable lead of just over 2min with Heather Wimberley from Brescia who placed second for the third week in a row. Sarah Everett also from Brescia moved up to 3rd position.

The Junior Boys was won for the first time by James Breytenbach from St Davids. Andries Swart of Helpmekaar placed 2nd (WITS ED 1st , Heronbridge 2nd) and James Hancock of St Davids 3rd (WITS ED 2nd, Heronbridge 1st). Another tight race for who will win the league.

This week Primary Boy Keagan Van Huysteen of Bryanston Parallel finally managed to tie 1st place with Connor Morrison of Cliffview who won at WITS ED and Heronbridge. Congratulations to all Primary Boys who are running the same course as the high school Junior Boys and coping so well.

Take a look at the routes some of our top orienteers took and their splits:



Although we are seeing fewer disqualifications every week this week there were still 7 Junior Boys disqualified. A reminder to please check you are punching the correct control. Disqualifications also happen far more easily when trying to work together with someone else. If possible try and go out on your own to minimise distractions. Pupils participating for the first time are to please ask for assistance before going out on courses. Also ensure you have someone explain exactly why you have been disqualified as soon as you get your result.

Text control descriptions of the symbols that will appear on your map are always posted on our noticeboard as well as all other necessary information. A reminder to keep learning what different control description symbols and legend (map) information mean. If you have not yet received a bookmark with all the necessary basics please collect one from me. All information can also be downloaded from our website.

tania mapBy paying careful attention to their control descriptions before they get towards the control, runners can avoid mistakes like this, where you end up on the wrong side of a fence! A reminder to the boy who told me he had to climb over a fence that double lines on a fence or wall indicate ‘uncrossable’ meaning you MAY NOT cross even if you are physically capable of doing so! Being caught will lead to disqualification.

PHOTOS FROM OSL 2015 #4 Summit have been posted on the OSL Facebook page.

Thank you to photographers Zoe Brentano, Mrs Holmes, Mr Smythe, Ms Voorendyk and Rory Ellis. Any other photos always welcome. We would especially love to see some group photographs of your school’s Orienteering team.